Credit risk tops microfinance concerns

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has warned that inflationary pressures on the back of escalating interest rates are expected to heighten credit risk in the microfinance and financial services… Read more »

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Zesa, minister face off

Govt scraps RBZ special trade approval requirement

BZ gives thumbs up to Stanbic’s SMEs programme

Businessman produces fodder


Poverty datum line up

Poverty Datum Line (PDL) for an average family of five shot up to $1 617 for the month of July signifying an increase of 80 percent from the month of… Read more »

Tax-free threshold now $3 500

Comesa records increase in inflation

Diamond auction attracts 25 firms

2% tax on electronic money transfers still in force




Fuel shortages, power cuts cripple tourism industry

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange