Security guards mull withholding subscriptions to ZISEGU and PSWU

Security guards are seriously considering withholding their monthly subscriptions to ZISEGU and PSWU until certain conditions are met. Security guards are complaining that the two unions’ leadership is not prepared to listen to their grievances and to curb and solve problems affecting them but are using union dues from the poor guard to make theirselves rich and indispensable by suspending or expelling those that question the way the unions are being run.

Union leaders are now business people and no longer have time to represent guards and corruption and abuse of funds is the order of the day. ZISEGU is failing to pay its workers thereby failing to meet its obligation to represent guards. They are even failing to attend court cases but surprisingly the general secretary has money to splash on his allies and on women.

There is so much infighting in the unions with PSWU having many factions with offices spread around Harare and another one in Bulawayo. ZISEGU has two factions one allied to the general secretary Mr Philemon Nhema and this faction wields a lot of power and has financial muscle. The other faction however is discreet and fears victimisation by the powerful Nhema faction. It is this faction that is against the totalitarian way ZISEGU is being run.
So guards are planning to set these conditions for them to resume subscribing in the event that their plan to withhold subscriptions comes to fruition

  1. -Audited financial report be availed.
  2. -Registration certificate be availed
  3. -Constitution be availed
  4. -Holding of general congress
  5. -Holding of annual general meetings
  6. -Establish the code of conduct for the security industry
  7. -New and up to date Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)
  8. -Stop all forms of abuse of office and discrimination and victimisation of other union members

Security guards are seeing this as the only way they can force these rogue unions to listen to them and to remember what they are there for.–b24

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