Open defecation riles NRZ workers

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NATIONAL Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) workers in Marondera have approached the town council complaining over rampant defecation along the railway tracks, saying it was seriously affecting their operations and posing a threat to their health.
Marondera town clerk Josiah Musuwo told a recent full council meeting that NRZ workers repairing the railway line were finding it difficult to do their work due to human waste.

Marondera acts as a transitional point along the busy Harare-Mutare railway line.

Council cited illegal vendors and touts as the main culprits as they operated at sites where they were no absolution facilities.

Musuwo said council would soon remove all the illegal vendors in the area as well as dealing with the touts.

“Government ordered the removal of illegal vendors from the streets and we will soon implement that. Other towns and cities have already done that and we will soon move in to find alternative space for illegal vendors,” he said.

Meanwhile, council has also resolved to deal with the influx of mobile kitchens in the town. Councillors said the mobile takeaways mostly prevalent at the bus termini were a health time bomb.

Musuwo said they had engaged the public health officer to look into the matter. It was revealed that there were only three legal structures at the bus rank despite the influx of mobile takeaways that occupy the space at the terminus.

According to council minutes gleaned by this paper, all the illegal structures face demolition as council seeks to restore order in the town.

“The director of engineering services said council should enforce its by-laws. The acting director of housing and community services said they were only three structures that were legal at the town rank.

“The director of engineering services said illegal structures should be demolished,” read the minutes.–newsday

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