Botswana’s Khama says Zimbabwe has potential to turnaround

Botswana President Ian Khama says Zimbabwe has potential and capacity to recover quickly following the fall of Robert Mugabe, its autocratic ruler for 37 years seen as an impediment to foreign investment.
Khama who has always been a vocal critic of former president Robert Mugabe told the BBC in an interview that the country could turn around in a short space of time if the incoming president Emmerson Mnangagwa demonstrated that the country is stable.
The 93-year old Mugabe quit on Tuesday, after the military took over the country and his party sacked him.

“Zimbabwe has got the potential of being an economic powerhouse and even though it took Mugabe 37 years to bring it down to chaos. It will not take that long to bring it back up again because there is so much potential the people are so innovative and hardworking,” said Khama.

“I am sure investors will be tripping over themselves to come back into that country and I think in a very short space of time if he can demonstrate to investors and to the people of Zimbabwe the confidence that they have achieved in that country there will be a turn around.”–source

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