Potraz pledges support to ZIGF

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THE Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has pledged to support a multi-stakeholder forum for public policy dialogue on issues of internet governance in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the Zimbabwe Internet Governance Forum (ZIGF) meeting in Harare yesterday, Potraz deputy director-general Alfred Marisa said the regulator would support the institution.

“As a regulator, we are happy to support this cause. We make sure there is internet and people have access to the internet.

We will continue mitigating side effects of the internet, as the internet has become part of our life,” he said.

“We oversee domain name system management, licensing of internet access providers, bridging the digital divide and consumer protection.”

ZIGF was launched in 2015 to advance internet governance issues in Zimbabwe through a multi-stakeholder framework, as well as facilitating partnerships and coalitions that deliver co-ordinated domestic responses, initiatives, and synergies that best promote and protect the nation’s position on the internet ecosystem.

Its main objectives are to increase awareness and build capacity on internet governance issues in the country, so as to ensure informed dialogue on policy and related matters between all stakeholders, and establish a co-ordinated and coherent framework for dealing with internet governance issues in Zimbabwe and facilitate the participation of a broad range of stakeholders in internet governance issue.

Presenting his report at the meeting, ZIGF—Multi-stakeholder Co-ordinating Team (MCT) chairman Gilford Hapanyengwi said his team has worked hard to achieve the four main mandates namely: to facilitate the finalisation of the founding documents for the operationalisation of the ZIGF and to publicise extensively the establishment of the ZIGF and its objectives. His team was also mandated to invite a broad base of stakeholders to participate in the formulation of the founding documents and activities of the ZIGF and to develop an independent website for the ZIGF.

He said the MCT has also made achievements elsewhere, including registering the ZIGF with the global Internet Governance Forum. He said ZIGF has also participated remotely in international internet governance activities.–newsday

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