A Zimbabwean Co-founded Startup, Senditoo Raises $1 Million Investment

Senditoo, a platform that allows the quick transfer of airtime, particularly from the diaspora has managed to attract an investment of $1 million.

Early last year, Senditoo made quite some noise as it enabled users to send top-ups to mobile phones across the world in just 15 seconds. The platform was launched in March 2016 and by April 2017, it had grown an extensive airtime transfer network of about 400 mobile operators. It had also achieved a reach of 4.5 billion prepaid phone users located in more than 140 countries and of the 140, 40 were from Africa.

Today, one of the co-founders, Takwana Tyaranini made an announcement on Facebook of how the platform had managed to attain $1 million dollars in investment. The post read:

i am so excited to announce that senditoo.com has just received an investment of $1 MILLION 😳

and you know what was the first thing they looked at before they decided to invest – YOU OUR CLIENTS!

they looked at those small but valuable $2 purchases you guys make daily and decided, yeap this guys surely have something magical going on here ✨🙂

so when i say senditoo is very much your company, i am not lying sahwira – love and appreciate you all 💕


Looking on Google Playstore the mobile application has over 5 000 downloads while the estimated visits to the website according to SimilarWeb also averaged right around the same figure i.e 5 100.–techzim

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