Kadoma Municipality in property audit

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KADOMA Municipality has embarked on a major survey that seeks to establish the number of properties – developed or undeveloped – in the town, and the nature of services available. This comes as the City of Kadoma plans guarantee top-notch services such as sewer and water to its residents.

Currently, Kadoma’s property list has over 13 300 properties but there is a feeling that there could be more properties which have not been captured by the council. City of Kadoma director for housing and community services Mr Gear Hanyani told The Herald Property yesterday that the exercise was critical as it would also establish if residents were paying bills to the council.

“The exercise we are doing seeks to fully establish the number of properties, developed or undeveloped as well as services available in those areas. When we talk of services, we are talking about roads for instance, what is the type of roads in a given area? It is also wants to establish the water supply situation in those areas and how often they get the water. We want to know if the water piped and if not, do the residents have alternatives and what are the alternatives.

“We will also be looking at the sewer system. Are the properties on a sewer line or a septic tank. If it is a sewer line, how efficient is it, or if it is a septic tank, how often is it emptied?” said Mr Hanyani.

Mr Hanyani said during the survey, the council would also establish if residents were getting bills from the municipality, a move which will go a long way in helping Kadoma to get revenue. The survey would be conducted by council officials.

“The council is appealing to residents for full cooperation so that everyone benefits from the up-to-standard services that are expected on completion of the exercise,” said Mr Hanyani.

It is also expected that the audit – particularly of water supplies and sewer – will help the town to eliminate or better still reduce the chances of diseases outbreaks. This comes as cholera recently broke out in Kadoma’s neighbour, Chegutu, and claimed four lives while 21 others were hospitalised.

Although Government has since announced that it has brought cholera under control, municipalities are desperate to plug all loopholes that might see the disease resurfacing. Kadoma plans to carry this critical survey from this month to February 2018.

Located about 166km south-west of Harare, Kadoma is a major mining and agricultural town in the country, with an estimated population of 77 800 as at 2012. Major minerals found around the town are gold, copper and nickel, with the most significant mine being RioZim’s Cam and Motor Mine gold mine. Kadoma was founded in the 1890s as a mining camp and was known as Gatooma until 1982.–herald

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