Powertel’s fleet management solution a must-have

Powertel Marketing Manager Prosper Mutswiri (second left) and Company Secretary and Legal Advisor Lazarus Murinda (third left) display awards received from Dr Nigel Chanakira (far right) while ZIA CEO Mr Mbaiwa (left) looks on

By Business Reporter
Powertel communications have introduced an innovative service of fleet management under its Internet of things (IoT) category in the industry targeted mainly at ZESA Holdings, Government organisations and other segments of the markets. The project which forms another key 100-day rapid results initiative was recently commercially launched during a classic golf tournament hosted by the organisation at Chapman Golf Club.

Speaking about the service, the Marketing Manager Prosper Mutswiri outlined that the service was unique and a must-have for progressive organisations.

“Unlike the usual car tracking system, Powertel’s PowerTrack system offers a full fleet management package ideal for use by administration managers with a large pool of vehicles to monitor in their organisations,” added Mutswiri.

Fleet Management is a comprehensive, vehicle, driver and goods monitoring, control and management system. It’s an effective low-cost operation for fleet and logistic operators, corporate organisations and agencies, Government agencies and transport companies.

The following are some of the capabilities of the Powertrack system:

◆ Real-time GPS location, fuel monitoring and driver behaviour monitoring

◆ Real-time alerts via SMS and email platforms

◆ Geo-fencing – notifications on entrance and exit

◆ Stolen vehicle recovery

◆ Interactive Communication

◆ Accident reports

◆ Over speeding perpetual notification

◆ Analysis of fleet KPI’s via a visual dashboard

◆ Roaming and Panic button

In addition, in the case of buffering in areas of low connectivity, the system offers a Flash Storage as a back-up plan.

“We have full confidence of the PowerTrack Fleet Management solution in providing visibility of vehicles anywhere in Zimbabwe and beyond the border into the region.

“It is a must-have solution as it offers businesses a plethora of benefits that includes: reduced operating cost, reduced risk of vehicle abuse and loss or theft as well as increased productivity,” Mr Mutswiri further indicated.

The added assurance is that when you subscribe to Powertrack, you will have not only reliable and efficient services, but after sales support 24 /7.

The service comes with a web domain – powertrack.powertel.co.zw – that one can access even without internet connection and subscribers to the service can download the Powertrack mobile application available for Android on Appstore.

Powertel Communications is a subsidiary of the ZESA Holdings Group and a leading Internet Access Provider. It services both the business and consumer markets with a host of services including mobile and fixed broadband, mobile and fixed voice solutions offered through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) on 08611 network, Carrier services and Virtual Private networking.

The company is also the aggregator of the Powerplus prepaid electricity top-up system in Zimbabwe.

Recently the company made the news after having introduced Powerplus Prepaid Electricity Scratch cards and till point vouchers which are now available at Petrotrade Service Station and within OK/Bon Marche/ Ok Mart outlets throughout the country.

The government recently introduced the 100-day Rapid results initiative aimed at state-owned organisations implementing quick wins with national impact and from the look of things Powertel seems to be on track.

The initiative is being championed by President Mnangagwa.–herald

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