United States Committed To Zimbabwe’s Future, Wants It To Have Its Own Currency

Addressing journalists, US Acting assistant secretary for African Affairs, Don Yamamoto said that the United States wanted to help Zimbabwe to fix its economy and to have its own currency so that it can reach its full potential. This is despite the fact that United States President Donald Trump extended the sanctions against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration only last week saying that Zimbabwe posed a threat to the interests of the United States. Said Yamamoto,

Our aim, with the help of our partners, is for Zimbabwe to take control of its own currency, expand the agricultural sector and make a strong transition to industrialisation and consumer-based industries.

Really, to be the powerhouse for the region that it was intended to be in the past. I think this is an opportunity…Zimbabwe is important to the region. Its economy has to have a base and its own currency and Zimbabwe used to be the breadbasket of the region and we want that.

The US is committed to the future of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe adopted the United States dollar in 2009 after hyperinflation had made the Zimbabwe dollar virtually worthless. Mnangagwa’s government has that it will not phase out the United States dollar until the economic fundamentals are right.

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