Gweru home seekers get stands from Greynut

MORE than 300 home seekers in Gweru have received their stands and agreements of sale documents from private land developer, Greynut Investments.

The handover ceremony was conducted in the city over the weekend.

Greynut Investments has entered into an agreement with diverse home-seekers who are given title deeds to seek mortgage finance upon payment of 60 percent of the purchase price for the stand.

Under the agreement group employees are given deeds upon acquisition of the certificate of compliance, which according to the bill of quantity can be achieved after each person pays $1000.

It was all smiles for 345 home seekers when they received their stand numbers from the developer and were issued with agreements of sale from the developer’s lawyers (Tavenhare & Machingauta) while title deeds are being worked on.

The company is selling more than 1000 residential and commercial stands at Bucks Farm in Gweru.

Greynut Investments’ operations and marketing manager, Jameson Museke, said: “We had to partner several financiers to help us put flesh to the frame of our vision, so those who can’t manage to raise the required amount as per the bill of quantities are able to be issued with development finance”.

He said his firm was working with the National Building Society, MetBank and FBC banks to smoothly roll out the project.

“We have an open door policy that allows the clients to monitor and supervise works on the ground vis-a-vis stated programme of works,” said Mr Museke.

The agreement of sale documents can be used by home seekers to seek stand development finance.

“With or without the help of financiers, it is important that every member must pay the minimum required amount to take us to compliance,” he said.

Executive chair and owner of Bucks Farm, Mr Isaiah Mudzengi, said they had started with 1 049 stands and that once they were complete, the project would move to the second phase.

According to management, topographic surveying, planning, pegging of stands and engineering works have been completed after the company obtained relevant permits.

Government acknowledges that affordable home ownership is an essential component given increasing population density particularly in urban centres.

As part of efforts to support housing development, Government has encouraging private land developers and community based programmes such as housing trusts and housing cooperatives to partner local authorities in housing development.–Herald 


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