CAAZ to scrap boarding calls. . . Kariba Airport to be relocated

THE Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) says it is mobilising resources to upgrade sections of the Victoria Falls International Airport as well as relocate Kariba Airport.

The Victoria Falls International Airport was commissioned more than a year ago following a $150 million refurbishment deal with China.

The aviation authority now seeks to remove boarding calls facility and replace these with digital screens. Boarding call refers to internal radio announcements made at the airport to direct passengers.

CAAZ director for airports Tawanda Guzha, said the projects were part of the aviation authority’s long term plans.

“We are planning to adopt new technologies that will enable us to turn our airports into silent facilities to minimize noise. However, this is a long term plan. In the long run we want to extend our terminal buildings in all our airports and this will see us replacing boarding calls.

“Victoria Fall International Airport was recently renovated and our long term plan is to extend the terminal so it moves with time. This will also see us adopting new technologies for the airport to become a silent airport without boarding calls,” said Mr Guzha.

He could not be drawn into talking about the budget for the projects. As for Kariba Airport, Mr Guzha said: “We also want to renovate Kariba Airport but this will be difficult because of its location. The challenge we have identified in extending the terminal building of Kariba Airport is that one side of the runway has got a gorge and the other side there are power lines hence we have to move it.”

Mr Guzha said the Kariba Airport will be moved to a place called Charamba in the resort town. Kariba Airport will also be upgraded into a silent facility, he added.

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