Council tightens land development rules

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The Harare City Council has shut the door on individuals and groupings such as housing co-operatives and pay schemes that went around the city identifying for land for housing.

The city council said in a statement it would no longer be entertaining such people.

“We are inundated with claims of discovery for housing and commercial land. If any such land is available, it will be advertised in the press as is council policy,” it said.

“The city is aware of all its land, making claims of land discovery is unrealistic and corrupt. Council employees aiding land discoveries will be disciplined,” it warned.

It also advised people against dealing with bogus land developers.

“The public (is) advised to shun any land dealings that are not initiated by council. The city housing department is in the process of properly allocating land to people applying for the same through council,” reads the council statement.

“People should not buy land from anyone who does not have proof of ownership in the form of a title deed,” it said.

The city council said any advertisements of housing and commercial land would be placed in the press.

It also issued out requirements for one to develop or build on any piece land.

(i) On private land, tittle deed (must be) in the developer’s name.

(ii) On Council or Government land, one should have an allocation letter from City of Harare or Government in the name of the person developing on land.

(iii) Where a subdivision or layout plan has been done, it must be approved by the relevant authorities.

(iv) There must be an approved survey of the subdivision or layout by the Surveyor General.

(v) There must be engineering designs for water, sewer and roads approved by City of Harare.

(vii) There must be infrastructure on the land being developed i.e. water, sewer and roads installed under supervision and approval and to the City of Harare’s specifications.

(vii) There must be a certificate of compliance which certifies that items i-vi have been complied with.

(vii) There must be building plans approved by City of Harare.–

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