Econet Introduces Fuel Finder In Yo Mix App


Econet Wireless has introduced a fuel finding feature in its Yo Mix app.


The fuel finder is really simple – you simply open up Yo Mix > Services > Fuel Finder. A map will open up with fuel icons scattered all over the map. The
icons are colour coded as follows:

Fuel available – Blue
Maybe available – Orange
No fuel – Red
It’s not clear how often the application will be updated to reflect accurate updates but this is a welcome feature. The ability to add notifications for
certain service stations and the type of fuel you want will also be a feature that can be added in future and make the app more efficient.

As fuel shortages that started in late 2018 persist in Zimbabwe, fuel hunting and long queues are still common. Zimbabweans usually rely on WhatsApp groups
to find fuel stations that are stocked up.

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