Govt Offers Least-paid Civil Servant $1 023 Per Month

The government has offered a 76 per cent salary increment for civil servants. This will see the lowest paid worker getting $1 023 per month.

The government initially offered its workers a 10 per cent salary adjustment which was rejected out of hand. Apex Council chairperson, Cecilia Alexander had
this to say:

We have not rejected and we have not accepted the offer from the Government.

We are going back to consult our members; we don’t have the mandate to accept that $1 023 offer, so we are going back to our members.

But we are going to meet on Tuesday (next week). Once our members have given us a go-ahead — we are messengers — we will accept and if they say no, we will
also communicate that accordingly.

The 76 per cent increment, however, falls far short of the $4 750 the Apex Council has been agitating for the lowest paid civil servant.

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