Zimbabwean Tech Whiz Invents Self-Driving Vehicle In The UK

Thirty-three year old England-based Zimbabwe international, Pasi William Sachiti and his team recently invented an electric self-driving vehicle called Kar-

Kar-go was recently hosted at two glamorous events in the UK sorts and delivers goods and parcels to people’s homes and it can also navigate unmarked and
rough terrain without the aid of a Global Positioning System (GPS).

Speaking to The Sunday Mail in e-mailed responses Sachiti said that his previous start-ups include MyCityVenue, an experience platform that reached 1,6
million users before being acquired by UK holiday company Secret Escapes, which is now valued at nearly a billion pounds. He added:

Before that, I had a digital advertising start-up which put digital advertising on screens placed on street furniture. Most people know this as the company I
took to BBC’s Dragon’s Den (a TV series that allows entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas).

The company was called Clever Bins, which was licensed in six countries before being acquired.

Sachiti currently runs one company and is a shareholder in three other companies, which include a UK airline, an e-commerce business and Academy of Robotics,
which makes Kar-go.

More: The Sunday Mail

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