EcoCash Says We Are Almost Done Clearing Customer Queries

EcoCash continues to battle with arguably its worst crash and whilst the service is back up, it’s certainly not business as usual. With that being said the mobile money service is now working on clearing customer queries.

I’m pleased to say that transactions on our new EcoCash platform are now going through normally.

We are however currently seized with clearing a backlog of transactions particularly those arising from third-party integrations, and continue to ask for our customers’ patience as we work to clear this last hurdle.

It seems after this is done, shops will be taking EcoCash once again as it has been hit or miss with some merchants accepting EcoCash whilst others continue to avoid the mobile money service like the plague.

Over the last few hours it also seemed some users who had their EcoCash accounts blocked due to faults are now regaining access to their accounts. Subscribers have been receiving messages that read, “Please be advised that your EcoCash wallet has been unblocked. You are now able to transact on EcoCash.”–techzim

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