The impact of gambling on the Zimbabwean economy

Gambling in Zimbabwe has long had a bad reputation, with many people holding a negative view of the pastime. However, in recent years attitudes have slowly began to change around gambling, with more and more young people starting to enjoy the activity. Could the renewed interest in gambling provide a welcome boost to the Zimbabwean economy? Read on to find out.

Is gambling popular in Zimbabwe?

Gambling is becoming more popular with Zimbabweans than ever before.

Traditionally, gambling has not been embraced as much in Zimbabwe as it has in other countries, largely thanks to negative public views of the activity. However, light forms of gambling such as national lotteries have always been popular.

In recent years there has been a sharp rise in the popularity of gambling, thanks to greater availability of the internet across the country. Zimbabweans now have quick and easy access to gambling facilities than ever before. Additionally, there is more access to live sporting events such as Premier League football which has led to a rise in people placing sporting bets.

There is also a wider and more diverse selection of establishments offering gambling services outside of traditional casino settings. The consensus amongst industry experts is that the popularity of gambling in Zimbabwe will continue to rise at high levels for the foreseeable future.–

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