More businesses join Black Friday crusade

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MORE businesses in Zimbabwe have joined the Black Friday craze set for today by slashing prices of their goods and services in a bid to stimulate consumer spending.

For others like Gold Medal Furniture in Bulawayo this was a Black Friday week as they had cut their prices by 20 percent early in the week while some shops reduced some prices by half.

A snap survey in Bulawayo yesterday revealed that big businesses such as TM Pick n Pay, Choppies, Spar Zimbabwe, Power Sales, Zimpapers, TV Sales and Home, Gold Medal Furniture, Wholesale Beef, Simbisa Brands, Edgars Zimbabwe, Kanyiso Borehole Drilling, and online shopping malls, had joined the crusade. Most of these businesses were already advertising their products on mainstream media and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

With its origins traced to America’s Thanksgiving holiday that falls on the 4th Thursday of November each year, the Black Friday crusade has spread across Africa and Europe and has become synonymous with cheap sales.

For consumers this occasion signals the start of the holiday (Christmas and New Year) festive season where retailers offer massive discounts, with some selling their products for 80 percent less the original price.

TM Pick and Pay has pledged to slash prices by almost half for most consumer products. Edgars, which has participated more in recent years, has had many buyers stampeding as a result of good deals. Simbisa Brands, a subsidiary of Innscor will have all its brands including Fish Inn, Pizza Inn, Bakers Inn, Chicken Inn, Steers, Nando’s and Creamy Inn slash prices by 40 percent.

Customers are likely to get bargains today if they capitalise on the shopping holiday. Some have gone beyond the border to South Africa where they hope to get better deals. In recent years Black Friday gained significant momentum in the neighbouring South Africa with some consumers taking a day off from work to get the giveaways. Zimbabwe also started the shopping culture a couple of years back with a few businesses, but this year the number has increased remarkably. —

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