Ghana calls for stronger ties with Zim

ZIMBABWE and Ghana are working on broadening existing ties to include economic cooperation and partnership with emphasis on trade and investment.

The two countries share a strong bond of friendship and deep bilateral ties based on common aversion to foreign domination and their determination to seek the well-being of their citizens.

Ghana, which celebrated its 63rd Independence Anniversary, has been unwavering in its support for Zimbabwe during the liberation struggle and in recent times when it added its voice to call for the immediate and unconditional removal of sanctions against the country.

Speaking during Ghana’s Independence Day celebrations in Harare recently, Ghana’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Eric Odoi-Anim, said important steps had been undertaken to lay a firm foundation for a Ghana-Zimbabwe Permanent Joint Commission for Cooperation, which will serve as the legal framework for the promotion and consolidation of joint initiatives that will ultimately expand trade and promote investment between the two countries.

The rejuvenation process of the Ghana-Zimbabwe Permanent Joint Commission for Cooperation began in November last year.

Another session is expected to be convened next month and it will work towards the creation of a Joint Technical Committee.

“The future is indeed bright and full of promise for Ghana-Zimbabwe Economic, Trade and Investment Cooperation,” he said.

He highlighted Ghana’s quest to host the headquarters of the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Speaking at the same occasion, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Deputy Minister Dr David Musabayana acknowledged the support Zimbabwe got from Ghana during the struggle for independence from the British, which was achieved on April 18,1980.

Ghana was home to many Zimbabweans who were either pursuing tertiary education or better working opportunities, among them the late former President Mugabe.

Deputy Minister Musabayana reiterated the country’s commitment to working with Ghana at the continental and international levels, as the two countries sought ways to address the challenges affecting their people.

“Our co-operation on the continent is guided by the AU and its programmes such as Agenda 2063 and the African Continental Free Trade Agreement whose objective is to improve the living standards of the people of Africa,” he said.

“I can confidently say that there are many business opportunities in both countries that the private sector can take advantage of.”–

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