Steelmakers resumes operations

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REDCLIFF-based manufacturer, Steelmakers, has resumed operations on a lower scale following Government’s waiver of total lockdown on key industries.

The company had ceased operations at the commencement of the initial 21-day lockdown on March 30, as a measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The pandemic has resulted in the global economy coming to a standstill.

In an interview, Steelmakers operations director, Mr Alamwar Upendra, said the company had resumed production.

“We have started operating after President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) announced that the manufacturing industry can start working. We have,however, started with the critical staff that are needed for manufacturing,” he said.

Mr Upendra said while only critical staff was reporting for duty, they were observing strict social distancing and sensitisation directives in a bid to combat any possibility of Covid-19 spread among workers.

“We are very much aware of the coronavirus and we are adhering to social distancing hence our move to call only the essential staff to report for duty. We are ensuring that all workers are sanitised and also that they maintain social distancing, “ he said.

The company is, however, set to face a challenge in accessing raw materials.
“We might face a challenge of accessing scrap material due to lockdown. But we are hoping that they will come through once we start operations, “ he said.

Mr Upendra said they have also taken advantage of technology as they were using virtual forums for meetings.

“We are observing all measures to limit physical contact. We are therefore, utilising technology hence the use of video conferencing for meetings and other social media platforms, “ he said.

Mr Upendra said the commencement of operations was further necessitated by the beginning of the tobacco auction season.–

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