You Are Now Required To Pay Rentals Every Month, President ED Mnangagwa Speaks On Rent Payments

The President of Zimbabwe ED Mnangagwa made an address this afternoon. He announced the end of the rent moratorium in Zimbabwe and all people are now required to pay rentals every month. The president previously announced a rent moratorium that allowed tenants to default on rent payments and barred property owners from evicting tenants.

Key points from the address

All people in the informal sector should register their businesses. Once they prove registrations they can resume operations. They should meet Covid-19 prevention requirements.

Gathering or worshiping and church services must remain at maximum of 50 people at a time.

People should travel when it is necessary.

Rent Moratorium in Zimbabwe has been lifted. People are now required to settle their rent arrears in six months according to the gazetted statutory instrument.–

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