Mugano resigns from Zisco board

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GOVERNMENT will in due course announce a new board chair for Zisco following the resignation of Professor Gift Mugano who was transitional acting board chairperson for the defunct steel manufacturer.

Industry and Commerce Minister, Dr Sekai Nzenza announced the departure of Prof Mugano in a statement late yesterday following her inaugural meeting with the new constituted Zisco board members. The minister said Prof Mugano did not attend yesterday’s meeting. She said during his brief tenure as transitional acting board chair, Prof Mugano made a valuable contribution to the strategic direction of the steel company.

“Going forward, the new board chairperson responsible for leading the development of a vibrant steel strategy will be announced in due course,” said Dr Nzenza.

“The Ministry of Industry and Commerce remains committed to the promotion of best practice corporate governance, transparency and accountability.”

In a resignation letter seen by this news crew, Prof Mugano said he took personal reflection on his role before resolving to quit.

“As a follow up to our conversation over my comments on public media on government policies, which are viewed by some sentiments as being in direct conflict with my role as a board member of a state enterprise, I took a reflection of the concerns and decided to resign from the Zisco board,” he wrote.

“The decision to resign is built on a firm view that I believe that my contribution on the policy discourse is of primary importance, which cannot be forfeited in favour of maintaining a micro role as the interim chairman and board member of Zisco.”–

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