Mining firms urged to develop infrastructure

President Mnangagwa has called on mining companies operating in the country to partake in infrastructure development as they utilise rich deposits for the benefit of communities they operate in.

President Mnangagwa made the call while officially opening South Mining (Pvt) Limited’s coal coking plant in Hwange yesterday.

The President is here on a two-day working visit familiarising with energy sector players.

Yesterday he visited Western Coal and Energy Company’s Western Areas coal project, South Mining’s coking plant, Jin An’s Tutu coking plant as well as Hwange Colliery’s Chaba Mine.

All these projects are key to the country’s energy mix and are exporting coke.

Coke is a fuel made by heating coal and is mainly used in the production of steel.

The President noted that Hwange in particular was somewhat lagging behind on infrastructure development and called on mining firms to partner Government in its development.

“I wish to appeal to all companies primarily those here in Hwange. Hwange area is somewhat behind in terms of infrastructure development,” said the President.

“We need no area to remain behind as we develop our country. I therefore appeal to all the companies in here to assist in the construction and development of infrastructure like roads, water, electricity, housing, social amenities like schools and clinics.

“Yes Government is there, but Government also needs support from the private sector.

“The challenges facing the country are not Government challenges but are national challenges and the nation is composed of both the public and the private sector,” he said.

In his remarks, South Mining general manager Mr Chenji Li, said his company is alive to the challenges afflicting the Hwange community and would want to grow with and in Hwange.

“South Mining was founded in Hwange, it is growing in Hwange, it is part of Hwange,” said Mr Chenji.

“Our operation wouldn’t have been fruitful if it was not for the love and support from our traditional leaders and the Hwange Community who have made us part of their family.

“We as South Mining Company, commit ourselves to develop together with the local people here,” he said.

Zimbabwe is working towards building the mining sector to a US$12 billion industry and exports from coal and coke will be key towards the attainment of this vision.

Coal is also very important as Zimbabwe is working towards energy self sustainability from the current situation where it is augmenting its power needs with imports from South Africa and Mozambique.–

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