Buy Zimbabwe to host strategic post Covid-19 business indaba

THE Buy Zimbabwe Initiative will tomorrow host a post Covid-19 strategic business renewal webinar aimed at assisting businesses to recover from the pandemic.

The deadly Covid-19 was first detected in China last December and has spread across all continents, infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands of people.

The disease has also crippled economies, prompting countries to adopt mitigation strategies to curb its spread through national lockdowns among others.

Zimbabwe has not been spared of the adverse impact.

“This is the time that demands swift unlearning and simultaneous re-learning to re-align with what has come to be called the new normal,” said Buy Zimbabwe general manager, Ms Vandudzai Zirebwa.

“Buy Zimbabwe, the country’s national buy local campaign, seeks to accelerate economic development through the promotion and facilitation of stakeholder efforts aimed at producing local goods and services for consumption locally and abroad to rapidly create employment, wealth and pride. Therefore, we shall host the first webinar series event on August 20, 2020.”

Given that organisations of all types and sizes are confronted with survival challanges in the face of the pandemic, Buy Zimbabwe said the inaugural online event would run under the theme “The Post Covid-19 Strategic Renewal and Realignment Surgeries”.

The objective of the initiative is to enhance an interactive engagement and creating a business framework of survival under the new normal.

“This will be further enhanced by initiating a corporate intelligent scrutiny for renewal through a panel of experts,” said Ms Zirebwa.

She said the meeting would focus on interactive conversations about business organisational renewal.

“The organisations involved are expected to present their business models, challenges and financial performance. These submissions in turn will form the basis for mutual discussions to explore further possibilities,” said Ms Zirebwa.

She said the meeting will utilise reports submitted prior to the “surgery sessions” through online conferencing.

Among the top speakers at the upcoming would be marketing strategist Professor Enerst Kadembo as well as Prof Steyn Heckroodt.–

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