Civil service salary talks in progress

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DESPITE disruptions caused by Covid-19-induced restrictions, the Government is willing to conclude negotiations with unions representing civil servants over wages and other employment terms this month.

Some workers’ representatives were holding out for US dollar-denominated salaries, but the Government has made it clear there would be no redollarisation and that all expenditure must be tied to revenue, with no borrowing for recurrent expenditure.

The Public Service Commission Secretary Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe said negotiations between Government and its workers’ representatives were ongoing despite the Covid-19 mitigatory measures aimed at avoiding travelling and crowds.

“Despite the obvious disruptions caused by Covid-19 negotiations are still going on and we expect negotiations to be finalised soon.

“We cannot predict the speed at which they agree but the ideal situation is the one where, August is the month in which we are expected to finalise the negotiations.

“The negotiating team for workers and representatives from Government are negotiating, the challenge is the process has been disrupted by Covid-19,” said Ambassador Wutawunashe.

President Mnangagwa authorised the awarding of a salary increment and the US$75 Covid-19 relief allowances to help its workers cope with the dynamic economic situation induced by Covid-19 and economic sanctions.

The pay rise and allowances are an interim relief measure pending outcome of negotiations on employment packages.–

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