CourierConnect brings convenience to farmers

In line with the Government’s transformative journey aimed at re-building the economy to realise the Vision 2030, CourierConnect has taken the initiative to support the rural populace with logistical needs to access markets for input and produce.

CourierConnect found it noble to provide farmers with logistical support which can be tailored to meet specific framers’ needs.

The service enables manufacturers mainly in urban areas and farmers in the countryside to transport their inputs and produce, alike, to and from various market points in Zimbabwe at affordable rates.

Riding on the successful rollout of the Community Information Centres (CICs) established countrywide by its parent company Zimpost, which is providing virtual access to markets for inputs and produce, as well as making payments through the various online payment gateways available, CourierConnect is providing the rural dwellers with the physical movement of goods to and from the market.

It is making it possible for the timely delivery of seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, implements, equipment, machinery, seeds, seedlings and other farm produce to and from the farms.

During the 2020 tobacco selling season CourierConnect delivered tobacco from farms to the selling points and auction floors in all the tobacco-growing provinces.

Currently it is in the process of delivering inputs in preparation for the 2020-2021 Agricultural Season.

The wide Postal Network enables CourierConnect to access farmers across all the districts in Zimbabwe, making it the courier service provider of choice who caters for the specific farmers’ needs.

CourierConnect, a subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Post (ZIMPOST), was conceived as a brand through the Express Mail Service (EMS) flagship.

The company has a strong foothold in the courier logistics services markets.–

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