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Afdis to localise wine

Afdis says it plans to localise popular wine brands to prop up product volumes which have been seriously waning lately. The spirits making firm’s ingenuity follows dismissal volumes performance by… Read more »

Lifeline for Delta

The Coca Cola Company (TCCC) has agreed to extend by another 3 years, a bottler’s agreement it has with Delta Beverages. The agreement has been on the negotiating table since… Read more »

Delta sales volumes on a decline

Zimbabwe’s Stock Exchange-listed beverage manufacturing company with footprints in Southern Africa, Delta Corporation, performed dismally with regard to sales volume across main segments and subsidiaries, the company indicated in a… Read more »

Bread price slashed

SIMBISA Brands subsidiary, Bakers Inn Bakeries, has reduced to $14 the price of a loaf of bread from $15,75 in response to a Government subsidy in the supply of wheat…. Read more »